The fabulous Erica Sandberg wrote an article called “Women in business: Making it as a female Entrepreneur” that was published on I had the pleasure of being interviewed and featured in her article, where I was able to discuss with her my background and thoughts on how race and diversity still plays a huge role in the workplace to date.

Check out my interview below!

“One would think the fashion world is free of sexism, but not so, says Renee Greenstein, designer and founder of the best-selling fashion lines, ATTITUDES by Renee and Women with Control. Unfortunately, the industry remains male-dominated, so women must continue to break barriers.

“When I was working for another company, a man said to me, ‘For a broad, you’re asking for a lot of money,’” says Greenstein. “Another time, I had just come back from a business trip and I was set up to be blamed for a huge problem. They thought they could get away with it because I’m a woman and wouldn’t speak up. I did, of course. You have to.”

Ultimately, leaving the toxic workplace was Greenstein’s best course of action. “I left and started my own companies,” she says, and has now been selling her garments and jewelry on QVC for 23 years. “You have to know when to walk and do it yourself. Look at the names of my companies – they say it all!”

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