Renée Greenstein
Fashion Designer

Renee Greenstein

Renée Greenstein, the renowned global fashion designer, is the founder of Women with Control® and ATTITUDES by Renée®, two of the best-selling fashion lines on QVC USA, UK & Japan.

My career has taken me to every corner of the world, affording me the opportunity to be with beautiful women from all different walks of life. Something we all have in common is that we have the little bit of ‘attitude’ that helps us stand out from the rest.

Renée Greenstein

Women with Control® and Attitudes by Renée® are two seasonless collections that are designed with detail to prints along with unique fabrications, ensuring the perfect fit and style for your body. Renée learned how clothing should fit a “real women” during her experience as a fit model and traveling the world. At this time, Renée was able to meet and connect with countless women who shared their struggles with “everyday” fashion.

Founded on her belief that “Style is not about size, it’s about attitude®,” her collection, Women with Control®, is designed to be the “real girl” solution. Renée’s collection is designed to slim, flatten, and support every curve with comfort in styles and colors you’ll love. Whatever your age, size, or body type, Renée designs clothing that gives you control over how you look and feel, giving you the ease to wear, care for, and even pack. Made for the everyday woman, we offer sizes from 0 to 28 in petite, regular, and tall lengths. Renée Greenstein teaches women how to be put together, not thrown together; from the moment you start, to the moment you end your day. Here at Women with Control® and Attitudes by Renée® you can build the perfect look and shape for your body type. Start your day with Renée and end it with Attitude.