The Collections

Women With Control®

This bottom centric line eliminates the need for a shaper as our key fabrications smooth out all your imperfections and inspired Renée’s motto “No More Wiggle,  No More Jiggle.

The Collections

Renée’s collection is fashioned from a unique blend of fabrics that will transform how you look and feel in your clothing. Women with Control®  enhances, supports, and shapes women’s bodies with comfort & breath-ability and comes in all of these styles and pieces.

Attitudes by Renée®

Attitudes by Renée® Jewelry & Accessories

Attitudes by Renée® is the complementary collection to Women with Control®. The Attitudes by Renée® collection is comprised of pieces to be the cherry on top of your Women With Control® bottoms.

This fashion line is designed in a multitude of fabrications with the intent to be classic and timeless with a little bit of ‘Attitude’.  Bringing the runway to the real-way, Attitudes by Renée® has a wide range of tops, sweaters, dresses and bottoms in a plethora of colors, textures and prints.

Jewelry & Accessories

Women With Control® and Attitudes by Renée® are both top selling fashion lines featured on QVC USA and QVC UK.

Both collections are a reflection of designer Renée Greenstein’s flair, genuine playfulness, and compelling life experiences.

Early on, Renée knew she wanted to create a line that encompassed all women. She had found shapers were extremely uncomfortable… and who wanted to wear all of that, anyhow? She came across a fabric that is 14% spandex, which allowed women a controlled and smoothed look without all the extra bulk. This is how the first yoga pant was born, which gave her fans the freedom to go from work to evening out with a simple change of shirt and accessories.

Renée not only wants women to look fabulous but to feel fabulous also. Her lines encompass every woman’s size from XXS to 3XL – with no up-charge for the larger sizes. Renée truly believes “If you feel good, then you will look good” and her legions of followers know and understand that. The quality and design of her creations come directly from her heart, inspired by her life at home & her travels.

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