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What is a Wardrobe Warrior™?

Dating back to Renee and her Citiknit days, Renee has always brought her customers 3 & 4 piece wardrobe sets.These sets are intended to be your #instantoutfit, in which you can easily roll up and pack, travel with, and conquer your day. Renee’s wardrobe warrior sets are all the pieces you need to mix and match with each other, but also with other items throughout your own closet. You build a WARDROBE when you get these stylesRenee decided to create a Wardrobe Warrior™ Group based off of her customers love for Renee and her collections.

This is an exclusive Facebook group, where you simply request to join, answer three easy questions and someone from our team will approve you within 24 hours. The group was started in October 2018 and continues to grow as more women are involved with social media.

Our Wardrobe Warrior™ Group is about “Providing advice about clothing and accessories to persons, namely, providing advice about fashion, style, clothing pieces to wear, clothing combinations to wear, clothing pieces to pack for travel, clothing combinations to pack for travel, accessory pieces to wear, accessory combinations to wear, accessory pieces to pack for travel, and accessory.”

We define a Wardrobe Warrior™ as a multi-tasking woman on the go, who wants to look good, but be comfortable with no fuss. She is empowered, strong and determined. She is fearless and ready to take on the world, who knows her style is not about size, its about her attitude! Are you a Wardrobe Warrior™?