E! features Renée Greenstein as a designer “Shaping the Future of Fashion”
Renée Greenstein featured by E! - Shaping the Future of Fashion

“Shaping the Future of Fashion”

Renée Greenstein featured by E! News during New York Fashion Week.

From the article:

As New York Fashion Week continues, E! News highlights Black designers like Renée Greenstein, Nina Parker and Chasity Sereal who are reaching new milestones while helping shoppers feel their best.


If it’s up to these designers, fashion can and will be accessible to everyone.


As New York Fashion Week continues, some observers may be hesitant to believe that the looks they see on the runway could actually be put into their closet. But for a group of Black designers, they are determined to shake up the fashion world with fierce looks, bold ideas and a goal of making fabulous pieces available to the masses.


For Renée Greenstein, she has found huge success with her Women With Control fashion line available on QVC. Whether you are an extra small or 5X, this fashion designer believes every consumer should feel confident in clothing.