Charmsters | Entrepreneur Ella

A big thank you to Charmsters NYC for another fabulous collaboration. Charmsters NYC was founded by Emily Blumenthal, who created a close knit tribe of ethnically-diverse girls that represent uniqueness and intelligence with a quirky, humorous twist and a common goal to succeed as a team. They are realistic and not stereotypical and fill the void that is lacking within the fashion and toy landscape for young girls and women.

Meet the girls!

  • Entrepreneur Ella
  • Architect Aaliyah
  • Coder Cora
  • Reporter Rita
  • Blogger Bailey
  • Innovator Ivy 

#iSeeMyself as Entrepreneur Ella! 

“I see myself the most as Entrepreneur Ella, because I created my own business out of a need for women to have fashion that is all inclusive from xxs-5x while being comfortable and stylish as they slay the world. My two fashion collections are, Women with Control® and Attitudes by Renee® on QVC. My days are filled with multitasking, creating beautiful pieces for women while also being a Wife, Mother, NeNe and CEO. I love what I do, from the beginning of the creative to watching samples arrive and then  seeing the fashions come to life. The creative mind is always working sometimes on overtime but to be honest I would not have it any other way. My wish is for women not only to look good but also  feel good everyday,  no matter their size or shape.”

XOXO Renee