Meet Patrice, a Jacqueline-of-all-trades who teaches multiple languages, plays various instruments and just celebrated 40 years of marriage. She’s a grandmother of 4 who is also an avid knitter and loves to travel as much as I do!

“This photo was taken in Montréal last night at a business function that my husband attended and I tagged along- the snakeskin reversible pants, a radiant knit top, and the animal print scarf. Nobody knew that I wore the top and pants for the 7hr drive to get there. Your collection is so versitile and comfortable. I love being able to mix and match all of the pieces, because they all work together. I feel comfortable and more confident when I wear your clothes. I know that no matter which pieces I choose, I will look nice- put together rather than thrown together!”

“I live in Bethlehem, PA, originally from the Philadelphia area. My husband’s job moved us to Pittsburgh, Shippensburg (PA), Birmingham (AL), Atlanta, and Bethlehem. I am a newly retired World Languages High School & Middle School Teacher (mostly French, also Latin, Spanish & German). I’ve been a musician since age 11- woodwinds. Most recently I played alto & tenor sax in our faculty jazz band. I’m an avid knitter since age 6. (I have something in the works for you). I have a son and a daughter who each have a son and a daughter. My son (a paramedic in Western PA) has a 7 yr old son & 18 yr old daughter. My daughter (a Physician Asst in Reading area) has 8yr old boy/girl twins. Her husband is in the Army. My husband Dennis & I were married 40 yrs on 3 June. We love spending time with our family and traveling to French-speaking countries. You know I had 6 surgeries on my left knee. I sent photos of #5 & 6. P.S. Your gauchos are perfect to go over the big brace and still keep me warm. As of today, no more crutches! Thank you again!”