Here on the east coast, we have been experiencing a very mild autumn and winter. This call for a little imagination when it comes to getting dressed. We have to adjust our layers, try new textures and experiment with color. It’s not often that we get to wear our favorite fall fashion through out December. 😉

Surprisingly, when it comes to new style challenges, it is often most helpful to rely on your wardrobe staples. Build a base with the classic silhouettes that you already love, and experiment with the rest of your look.

Photo of the Women with Control Contour Waist Boot Cut Pant

The Women with Control® Contour Waist Boot Cut Pant.

Start with my Women with Control® Contour Waist Boot Cut Pants. I’ve designed them in a universally flattering boot cut silhouette that’s available in 3 lengths. And with 14% spandex built right in, there is no need for shapewear which is a plus in this mild winter weather. 😉

My new Attitudes by Renee Scoop Neck Sweater & Scarf Set.

My new Attitudes by Renee® Scoop Neck Sweater & Scarf Set.

Pair my Women with Control Contour® Waist Boot Cut Pants with my new Attitudes by Renee® Scoop Neck Sweater and Scarf Set. The scarf is not only stylish, it’s optional.

Imagine that, it is the end of December and scarves are optional. So, Wardrobe Warriors, let’s all embrace the new Winter dressing with style and Attitude.

Join me this Saturday on QVC during AM Style at 8am. After the gift-giving rush of the holidays, it’s time to treat ourselves!

With Attitude,