The white button front shirt is a classic item. However, it is usually modeled after the menswear version and often could use a bit more Attitude. When I decided to take on the design challenge of revamping the white shirt, I wanted to make sure that it was something that honored the history of it while making it work perfectly with my Women with Control® and Attitudes by Renee® collections. Staying true to the Wardrobe Warrior™ method, the New White Shirt had to fit seamlessly into your wardrobe; it had to be easy for you to build an outfit with it.

ABR White Shirt 2

In order to make sure you can wear your favorite Women with Control® leggings with it, I’ve made my New White Shirt a longer length. I’ve given it a V-neck neckline so that you can add a pop of color with one of my Attitudes by Renee® Tunitanks, and so that you can let your favorite necklaces shine. This isn’t a shirt that’s going to require a major wardrobe overhaul in order for you to enjoy it. That’s not the way I design and it’s not the Wardrobe Warrior™ way to shop.

ABR White Shirt 1

Tune into PM Style with Lisa Robertson QVC on June 16th beginning at 7pm for the debut of The New White Shirt by Attitudes by Renee®. It’s time to bring a little Attitude to a timeless classic.

ABR White Shirt 3

With Attitude,