Discoveries, Inspiration and Attitude.

As you know, I always try to visit my design team in Asia every year. No matter how hectic my schedule may be with on-air appearances, design meetings and buyer presentations, it’s something I make sure to fit in. It’s such a fabulous source of inspiration, and it’s always great to visit my partners in person after hundreds of rounds of emails and phone calls.

This last visit, however, was exceptional. After a few meetings and visits to mills and factories, my design team introduced me to a beautiful new yarn that I instantly fell in love with. I knew right away that I had to bring it to you.

The next step was figuring out how I would bring this fabulous discovery to you. I needed a design that allows this beautiful knit to shine, and colors that work with your wardrobe in true Wardrobe Warrior fashion. After working and reworking design after design, I had a beautiful item that I could not wait to show you. At my next meeting with my QVC buyers, I showed them my new creation and immediately they fell in love with it. It was quickly decided that we not only had to make this for you as soon as possible, but also at the best value. So obviously, we had to make this a Today’s Special Value.

My Attitudes by Renee® Open Front Cascade Sweater is made in an expensive knit that features a hand-painted ombré pattern, making each sweater an individual work of art. This process is new and exciting, and I had to work extremely hard with the mills to bring this gift to you. No two sweaters will look exactly the same, which will truly allow your personality and style to shine. It’s a soft, lightweight yarn that is the perfect warm-weather topper for your summer wardrobe, and will be a beautiful layer to play with in the fall. I’ve also designed dyed-to-match knit tanks to wear underneath them for a pulled-together look.June2015USATSVUpsell

This sweater is a testament to the creativity of the international design team I am lucky to work with. Our desire and determination to bring you this beautiful design is a testament to you, my loyal Wardrobe Warrior.

I hope you are as in love with this sweater as I am. It is the result of innovation, inspiration, and Attitude. And I can’t think of a better person to wear it.


With Attitude,