Slim Leg Pants For All

It’s time for slim leg pants that actually work. For fall, one of the best bottoms to have in your wardrobe are slim leg pants. They’re a classic design that takes your wardrobe to the next level. But what about slim leg pants that are actually slimming? That’s where my Women with Control® designs come in. [read more…]

Fashion Day On QVC.

Monday is Fashion Day on QVC. The best strategy for this all day fashion event? Focus on stocking up on the classic wardrobe must-haves. When it comes to stylish fall staples, I’ve got you covered. Once you’ve made sure to include just the right pieces in your wardrobe, pulling looks together will be the easiest thing [read more…]

Classics Are Always Called For.

Classic styles should always have a place in your wardrobe. You know those styles that always look good on you? The ones you can depend on year after year? Those are the classics that I’m referring to. It’s always tempting to go for the latest trends in fashion, but it’s just as important to make [read more…]

An Exclusive Wardrobe Warrior™ Surprise

Wardrobe Warrior™ is both a personal style method, and a lifestyle. It’s a way of building your wardrobe so that you can pull together a stylish look in a pinch. It’s a way of packing for a trip so that one piece of carry-on luggage can last you your entire trip. It’s a way of [read more…]

Dress Up Your Summer

Indulge in a little fancy for summer. When getting dressed up during the summer, it’s easy to rely on maxi dresses and skirts to get the job done. Let’s return to the shorter hemlines and flirtier silhouettes that we’ve abandoned at the start of summer. Sleek dresses and fun & flirty A-line skirts are just [read more…]

The New Shirt from Attitudes by Renée®

The white button front shirt is a classic item. However, it is usually modeled after the menswear version and often could use a bit more Attitude. When I decided to take on the design challenge of revamping the white shirt, I wanted to make sure that it was something that honored the history of it [read more…]

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