A Stylish Finale

Finish off September in Style.  As we wrap up the first month of fall, let’s give it a fashionable send-off. After all, it was gracious enough to give us the perfect weather in which to wear out favorites. 😉 Tune in on Monday during Fashionably Early with Jayne & Pat beginning at 6am ET. Let’s make [read more…]

Who’s Your Fashion Partner in Crime?

Every girl deserves one…  Let’s be honest, it’s difficult to keep track of all the new styles and trends out there. However, that’s what a fashion partner in crime is for. You know her: she’s the one you call for impromptu shopping sprees, the one who calls you when she finds an amazing item or deal and [read more…]

Join In On The Fall Fashion Festivities.

It’s a Fall Fashion Fest.  Celebrate fall fashion with style that is as chic and refreshing as a walk to through Central Park. Throughout September, QVC is bringing the latest and greatest Women with Control® and Attitudes by Renée® fall pieces. Tune in the luscious textures of my Attitudes by Renée® sweaters, and the slimming and [read more…]

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