The New Winter Dressing.

Here on the east coast, we have been experiencing a very mild autumn and winter. This call for a little imagination when it comes to getting dressed. We have to adjust our layers, try new textures and experiment with color. It’s not often that we get to wear our favorite fall fashion through out December. [read more…]

Clean Up And Tailor Your Wardrobe

As the temperatures drop, uplift your wardrobe with tailored pieces that smooth and support your curves. When designing, I love experimenting with seam placement and tailored details like pleats, trimmings and waist details. The results of these experiments are my latest designs for Women with Control® and Attitudes by Renée®. When it comes to uplifting, [read more…]

The Gift of Style

Give the gift of style. I don’t mean give someone a makeover, I mean give them a gift that allows them to express their personal style. Classic items that belong in every Wardrobe Warrior® fashion arsenal make the best gifts for the fashionista in your life. Tune in this weekend as I present must-have items [read more…]

Set Your Fall Style In Place

Set Your Style in Place for Fall. Fall is the season in which you can really let your Wardrobe Warrior™ flag fly. I’m always promoting mixing and matching in order to keep your look fresh without having to buy tons of pieces. It’s why I’ve focused so much more on creating sets for you in both my [read more…]

Embrace The Many Layers of Fall Style.

What fun is fall dressing, without luscious layers to play in? Being able to mix & match your favorite pieces is a hallmark of fall style. There are many elements that you can play with to achieve an infinite amount of looks: you can mix & match colors, textures, and proportions.Pair an Attitudes by Renée® cashmere-like [read more…]

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