Hello My Wardrobe Warriors!

How are you all holding up? Have you been adjusting to being quarantined at home? Thankfully, I’m doing good. I’m spending this time with my husband and keeping myself busy. I can imagine that some of you may be working from home for the first time, home schooling your children or grandchildren, or are retired and relaxing.

My team and I have been working diligently every day to stay connected with our wardrobe warriors, and the rest of world. We have been fortunate to be presented with some fabulous opportunities, for example:

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Sharing My Experience

I’ll be speaking to a diverse group of students who attend Miami Dade College in Miami, Florida. I’m so excited to be virtually tuning into their class via Blackboard, on Tuesday, April 14th. Their professor, Olivia Almagro, will be conducting the class and I’ll be able to speak to the students first hand and tell them how I started my business, and the challenges I faced and continue to face. I will talk about the importance of mentors, and how words of encouragement have helped me through these difficult times.

Stay safe, stay connected, and stay positive, as this will soon pass!

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