During my airings I always mention how I don’t check luggage and how I don’t even *know* what an iron is. With the amount of traveling that I do, how is that even possible? With the Wardrobe Warrior™ method, of course.

While yes, my designs are created to be easy to wear and to take care of, there are still a few rules to packing that I follow that make all the difference to my travel experience.


Here is my guideline to packing like a Wardrobe Warrior™:


1.      Choose Wisely.

Pack items that are low maintenance and long lasting. My Como Jersey can be rolled up and thrown into your weekend bag, and still come out wrinkle-free and fabulous. My 86% cotton/14% spandex fabric has great integrity. After a long flight or a full day of activities, I know I will look just as good as I did when I left the house that morning.

2.      Create a personal capsule collection.

Try to bring items that all work together and that can be worn for more than one type of occasion. That way you’re ready for anything that may come up. My Wardrobe Warrior sets are the perfect starting point – they feature both neutral and vibrant prints and colors, and have items that are great for layering and mixing & matching.

3.      Pack Multi-Taskers.

Pick items that can be dressed up and dressed down. And bring accessories that can help you change the mood of your entire look. The right necklace can take your sleeveless top from day to night. The perfect wedge can be worn with both dresses and pants.


By following these simple rules, I never have to bring more than one bag with me. Even when I’m traveling through Asia visiting mills and researching fabrics!

What Wardrobe Warrior ™ rules do you follow for packing? Share your tips in the comments below, I’d love to hear how my Wardrobe Warriors do it!