Wardrobe Warrior of the Week: Roxanne

  Meet Roxanne, a Wardrobe Warrior who is a frequent flyer and fashion lover like myself! “I’m currently in Aruba, my last stop before heading back to the states. I’m recently retired and moved from Washington DC to Florida, originally from NYC. I spend my time selling fashion & jewelry and traveling. The best thing [read more…]

Wardrobe Warrior of the Week: Jan

  Meet Jan, a UK Wardrobe Warrior who has one daughter and 2 lovely grandsons who are her whole world. she is 62 years old and has been married for 43 years. “I love Renee. Her clothes are for all women. They fit all shapes and sizes. They make you feel like you again, without [read more…]

Wardrobe Warrior of the Week: Latrice

  Meet Latrice. A fabulous grandmother of eleven from Minneapolis, Minnesota. She’s a member of the Command Steppers and the We Are Family Soul Line Dancers. She is a survivor of domestic abuse who shares her strength and compassion with her fellow survivors as the co-founder and program director of Bruised But Not Broken, a [read more…]

Wardrobe Warrior Of The Week: Myrna

  “I absolutely love the fit in your pants and tunics. I have purchased several pieces and have had many compliments on the fit and style. I have long legs with a thick middle and a flat rear but they give me a shape that hides my flaws and makes me feel more confident and [read more…]

Wardrobe Warrior of the Week: Marge

  Meet Marge. Marge is a beautiful Wardrobe Warrior from Ohio who is always commenting and sharing photos of herself on my facebook page. She’s a retired special education teacher who is a master at layering and playing with proportion. “Love everything I’ve gotten from Women With Control and Attitudes by Renee; I especially loved [read more…]

Wardrobe Warrior of the Week.

  Meet Monique. Monique is a beautiful Wardrobe Warrior hailing from Washington State. A cancer survivor of 28 years, Monique is an active Wardrobe Warrior who frequently comments and shares photos of her stylish looks with me on my social media accounts. She’s strong, inspirational, and a true example of a Wardrobe Warrior.  “The reason [read more…]

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