How to mix prints:

“I bought your herringbone pants in navy and black. Can you wear a print blouse with them and how would you do that?”

The key to picking a print that goes with herringbone or almost any suit-inspired texture is to pick a large-scale one on a background that matches or compliments the color of the herringbone. For example, I would pair my Women with Control Herringbone Boot Cut Pant in black with my Attitudes by Renee Long Sleeve Swing Top with Keyhole Neck in the Black Tassel print.

I'm wearing the Attitudes by Renee Long Sleeve Swing Top with Keyhole Neck

How to pack:

“I do need packing advise for flight and 7 day cruise”

When packing for a trip I have a few must-haves:

  • Pants in multiple lengths
  • Comfortable denim
  • Tops in classic shapes that can be worn for various occasions
  • Dresses in multiple lengths
  • Toppers & Cardigans to help deal with both the weather outdoors and the air conditioned boutiques, restaurants and theaters.

While a vacation is the perfect time to enjoy colorful prints and bold colors, make sure you have your everyday essentials in standard colors. This will make it much easier to mix and match everything you’ve packed.

Here is my packing list:

Finding the correct size:

“I am 5’3″ tall. I always struggle with whether I should get the regular length or the petite. What do you think?”

Your best bet will always be to measure what your size is, and pick what’s best for you based on the measurements provided by QVC. Being 5’3″ puts you in a ‘best of both worlds’ place when it comes to style. For example, when it comes to an ankle pant, you could buy a petite for the ankle length fit, or you could get a regular length for a perfect full length fit. As always, fashion is about experimenting and playing with taste, fit, and proportions!

Finding inspiration:

“What has been your biggest inspiration or influence ?”

As I am always traveling, I find inspiration everywhere. From high fashion runways to museums, the theater and the latest makeup collections. The world is an endless muse. 

Off on the right foot:

“what shoes type is good for the legging tunic look for fall and winter?”

This season has provided us with more tunic styles than ever. The type of shoe that you pair with your legging depends on the shape and length of your tunic. If you are wearing a longer length tunic with a high/low hem or a shark bite hem, a pump, ankle or riding boot would work well. A shorter length tunic with a straight hem would look great with a ballet flat, a mule, a loafer or a chic tennis shoe.