““What is the best style or colors (patterns?) if you carry your weight above your waist but below your breasts? Thanks in advance for your reply!””

As I always say — “Style is not about size, it’s about attitude.” I say the same thing when it comes to body type and shape. Regardless of what your body type is or where you carry your weight, it is nearly impossible to look bad when you are wearing something that you love and that puts you in a great mood. So my advice when shopping is to pick items that pair perfectly with your personality; that show off your Attitude ;-). 

For the Understated/Minimalist: 

You like statement pieces, but you don’t want your outfit shouting from the rooftops. These pieces in classic silhouettes are rich in detail and understated playfulness. 

For the Bold and Vibrant:

You love to play with color and prints. Follow your heart and indulge in your favorite hues and motifs. Your wardrobe (and your mood!) will thank you. 

For the Quirky/Avant Garde:

You thrive in the unexpected. Prints in unexpected places and surprising sizes takes everyone by surprise while brightening your mood.